A great whodunnit mystery for kids!

Twelve-year-old Alice England lives in Damocles Cove with her dad in their family-run funeral home. Alice helps her dad out by arranging corpses in their coffins- she straightens their collars and belongings. She’s short on friends, even the cat next door keeps her distance.

When Alice makes friends with Violet (another social outcast at school), she stumbles into a shocking murder case. And the only person who can solve it, who wants to solve it, is Alice!

Alice leaves no stone unturned. This feisty, quirky, and smart kid is a fantastic character who will stop at nothing in her search for the truth. Alice is a wonder!

The Deadly Daylight is smooth and sophisticated storytelling for children. I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in a new child detective series for middle-grade readers and look forward to more books in the series. Highly recommended for kids and adults!

Publisher’s blurb:

Twelve-year-old Alice England is curious, truthful and smart, but when you work in your father’s funeral home and you get messages from the dead, it can be difficult to make friends.

When she comes across the peculiar case of George Devenish, who was allergic to sunlight, Alice is convinced there’s more to his death than meets the eye.

With the help of George’s niece, ‘Violet the Vampire’, who shares her uncle’s allergy, and a boy named Cal, who has secrets of his own, Alice begins to investigate. Who were the teenagers under the dock when George died? How is the sinister Doctor Grampian involved? And what about George’s wife, Helen, whose baking is delicious but possibly poisonous?

It seems the truth of George’s death may never see the light of day – unless Alice and her companions can put the clues together and solve a mystery much bigger than anybody expected.