Nadia L King

A writer from Perth, Australia


Claire Malone Changes the World

Nov 2019, Dixi Books

Armed with her typewriter and the determination to make a difference, Claire Malone is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary desire to change things for the better. Writing letter after letter, Claire advocates for change. One day she notices her local park needs upgrading and commits wholeheartedly to the cause.

Claire is a feisty character with boundless energy to change her world for the better. She will be a fantastic role model for this generation of children, who have lots of knowledge but need a little inspiration on how to advocate for change.

This is an empowering and inspiring picture book for young children but especially for girls. You will love the journey of Claire, a strong and ambitious girl, so much so you will want to read this book over and over again.

Claire Malone Makes a Friend

Oct 2021, Dixi Books

Age, race, culture, loneliness, relationships and the pandemic are all neatly drawn together in this outstanding picture book for young children.

Claire Malone and her cat, Marmalade are back in Claire Malones Makes a Friend, a delightful and charming picture book about life in lockdown. In her trademark style of positivity and action, Claire works through the loneliness and monotony of lockdown by looking outside her own life to affect change. Claire, yet again, shows us how to be an agent for positive change in our own neighbourhoods.

A charming and relevant sequel to Claire Malone Changes the World with delightfully lively and colourful illustrations by Alisa Knatko.

The Lost Smile

Oct 2021, Dixi Books

When Zaytoon wakes up feeling sad, she goes on a search to find her smile. From the kitchen to the garden, Zaytoon searches high and low to eventually discover her smile – smiling from her reflection in the window!

The Lost Smile is a beautifully illustrated and colourful picture book demonstrating the importance of accepting emotions. Zaytoon’s journey shows children that it’s okay to be sad and reassures young readers that sadness can be temporary.

Themes of cultural diversity, emotional intelligence, family life and the importance of connecting with nature and animals make this a perfect book for our times.

Can the Real JR Stand Up, Please?


Seventeen-year-old Jake Rollins’ life is a nightmare. His dad is determined to use his family as a punching bag, and Jake is powerless to stop him.

Urban gritty meets magical realism in this coming-of-age story about what it means to be bigger than where you come from.

Can the Real JR Stand Up, Please is a gripping and, at times confronting read; a roller-coaster ride, yet a hopeful novel about being true to yourself and learning to be brave.

For readers who love a dose of magic with their realism.

Jenna’s Truth

Our closest friends are the people we trust the most. We tell them our secrets and share our lives with them. 

But what happens if our friends and our secrets turn against us? Jenna’s Truth, inspired by Amanda Todd’s tragic story of bullying, is a book that tells us what can happen when we discover our friends are no longer who we think they are. 

The internet age offers many opportunities and makes life easier, but it also put us in great danger. Every post creates a digital trail that can’t always be erased.

Nadia L. King has woven together a contemporary teenage story, a lesson of empathy and self-awareness, and a tale about the dangers of digital life to create a book that is utterly captivating. Jenna’s Truth is both bleak and full of hope.

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