One of the perks of writing books is receiving letters from my young readers.

Thanks to the Author Pen Pal program run by Kate Foster and Dee White, I have three primary school classes across Australia with whom I’m exchanging letters this year.

In my picture book ‘Claire Malone Changes the World’, I advocate for letter writing.

Letter writing requires undivided attention, may improve handwriting, strengthens language skills, provides opportunities for creative expression, fosters connections, and can bring joy to both the sender and receiver.

It’s wonderful to receive a packet of letters in the post and to read how the students have connected with my story and how interested they are in books and reading.

I’ve been a lifelong letter writer, writing my first letters to my grandfather and even writing to him after his death.

I recently read ‘Letters of Note’ compiled by Shaun Usher – a fascinating anthology of letters from noteworthy senders such as Dorothy Parker, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, and Nick Cave, covering topics like grief, life advice, creativity, and war.

If letters help us connect with our fellow humans, what better way to build relationships and share our thoughts? I challenge you to write a letter soon.