Carly Mills Pioneer Girl is a time-travelling middle-grade series that celebrates female pioneers who made a mark on the world. The Lady with the Lamp is the fourth book in the series and can be read as a standalone story.

Carly Mills travels to London with her friends, Dora and Simone. When Simone has an argument with her parents, the friends decide to explore London on their own. Soon they are back in 1853 where everything is a whole lot smellier! The girls meet a well-to-do young lady, called Flo, who takes them into her home and shows them a slice of what life was like for society young women of the time.

Flo turns out to be the famous Florence Nightingale. Soon she has trained the three friends as nurses and they set sail for the Barrack Hospital of Scutari and nurse wounded soldiers from the Crimean War. The Lady with the Lamp gives readers a history lesson into modern nursing and celebrates the achievements of Florence Nightingale all within a time travelling adventure.

The Carly Mills Pioneer Girl series is by Jane Smith and published by Big Sky Publishing. Many thanks to Big Sky Publishing and Books on Tour for an opportunity to read and review The Lady with the Lamp.

Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

London! When Simone invites Carly and Dora to stay with her parents in England on holiday, they’re looking forward to an adventure – but they’re not expecting to go back to the past, let alone face discrimination, disease and danger! Thrust back into London of over a hundred years ago, when women were not allowed to have real careers, they meet one woman who is about to change it all: Florence Nightingale. Through war and peace, Carly and her friends learn that courage sometimes means owning up to your mistakes