Loving an old dog is different, certainly, but it is a unique and beautiful chapter in the story of their life. Never forget what an honour it is to be there to share it.

I recently had the privilege of reading Extraordinary Old Dogs by Laura Greaves. Greaves is a self-confessed ‘crazy dog lady’ who has written a number of books about dogs. Extraordinary Old Dogs is a collection of stories about fifteen extraordinary older dogs. From Haole the surfing Labrador who helped children and adults with special needs and disabilities at surf events to retired racing greyhound Magnus who ticked off a bucket list before his death from cancer and in the process publicised greyhound adoption programmes.

Extraordinary Old Dogs highlights the lives of extraordinary older dogs who have touched the lives of humans in outstanding and wonderful ways. My personal favourite was the story of Chaser the Border Collie whose owner, canine-cognition expert, John Pilley taught her to identify more than 1,000 objects.

There are many more stories included and dog lovers everywhere will want to read this book and be reminded of how much dogs can enrich our daily lives.

Highly recommended reading for animal lovers.

Out now from Penguin Books (many thanks for the review copy) :).