‘So…’ said Clancy. ‘What are we going to do now?’

Tash scowled. ‘I don’t know. Why do I have to be the one who thinks of everything?’

Clancy stared at her. ‘Because you’re good at it!’

‘Well, I’m sick of it. Someone else’s turn.’

Clancy blinked at her bowl. Tash knew perfectly well that Clancy never had ideas, and even if she did, she wasn’t brave enough to carry them out. Clancy was not born to be an outlaw. Being fugitives on the run seemed exciting on television. But in real life, it wasn’t much fun at all.

‘If you dare cry,’ said Tash through gritted teeth, ‘I will personally wring your neck.’

Next year, Clancy will join her big sister Tash at high school. Tash is good at everything and doesn’t seem scared of anything, in stark contrast to nervous and fearful Clancy. When a family emergency takes their parents and little brother to New Zealand, Clancy and Tash are sent to stay with their aunt Polly. When they decide on a whim to break their grandfather out of his nursing home, it’s Clancy’s love of stars which guides them. What follows is a magical, rollicking adventure where Clancy learns to be brave and to follow her heart.

What I Loved About The January Stars:

  • The strong and sometimes difficult relationship between Tash and Clancy;
  • The magic! How I love to see threads of magic woven throughout a contemporary story;
  • The racial diversity. Yes, let’s paint a picture of the diversity of people in real life; and
  • The adventure! Bring back adventure…

To be honest, there was so much I loved about this book that I closed the last page with a sigh. The January Stars is a great example of the multi-layered, beautifully written middle-grade stories around today. I highly (I wanna say that twice!), I doubly recommend this book for book lovers of middle-grade stories.

I bought my copy of The January Stars from specialist children’s bookshop, Paper Bird in Fremantle.

Publisher’s blurb:

This thoroughly enjoyable novel about two sisters determined to help their grandfather will delight middle fiction readers of all ages. From the author of the bestselling and much-loved novels Crow Country & Cicada Summer.When twelve-year-old Clancy and her fourteen-year-old sister, Tash, visit their Pa at his aged-care facility, they have no idea that the three of them will soon set out on an intrepid adventure.

Along the way there are many challenges for Tash and Clancy to overcome and in the process, they discover their own resourcefulness and resilience and demonstrate their heartfelt love for their grandfather.

‘A warm-hearted tale of the complications and magic of family life.’ WENDY ORR

Book Details:

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 9781760525026

Publisher: A&U Children’s

Pub Date:March 2020

Page Extent: 288

Format: Paperback – B format

Age: 9 – 13

Subject: Children’s, Teenage & educational