‘Raising Rebels’ is a highlights reel of guidance from one of the world’s most sought-after Peaceful Parenting and Radical Unschooling advocates. 

Dayna Martin cuts to the core of common concepts with compassion, kindness, and unconventional wisdom, urging us to reframe outdated parenting perspectives to forge a freer future for our families. 

NLK: What is the driving philosophy behind your books?

DM: The driving philosophy is the idea that everyone’s needs matter equally – including children. Traditional parenting is focused on meeting the parent’s needs only, but my book focuses on children as being next on the human rights agenda and how we can focus on the needs under their behavior, rather than focusing on behavior modification. 

NLK: What inspires you to write?

DM: What inspires me to write is a passion to let other parents feel they are not alone in their innate desire to be more compassionate to their children. Our culture encourages parents to disconnect from instinct and practice “tough love” but I do not believe that love should ever hurt us as parents as we navigate the world with our children. If it feels wrong and against your instinct to control or punish your children – it is! Listen to your heart and trust your children in what they are telling you their needs are.

NLK: How did you begin your writing journey?

DM: At nine years old I won a “young authors” award for a book I wrote about a boy who ran away from home because his parents were mean to him by trying to control him.

It all started there. I still have the book and the award, believe it or not! It’s a reminder of my calling and purpose in life. I actually don’t even consider myself a “good writer”. I just have the need to express myself through the written word and convey an important message of freedom and peace, in my own way.

NLK: What advice do you have for emerging writers?

DM: Just write. Stop judging yourself for not writing like someone else you may admire. It’s all about getting the feelings and words out of your mind and organizing them in a somewhat cohesive manner, but it doesn’t ever have to be perfect! It’s the message and what you need to tell the world that matters! Let go of perfectionism with writing that may have been judged when you were in school. Let go of the voices that told you that you weren’t “good enough” and heal from the damage that others created within you by judging your writing. You are exactly where you need to be to begin writing NOW.

NLK: Can you please tell us a little about ‘Raising Rebels’?

DM: ‘Raising Rebels’ is a collection of essays, musings, and quotes from the last decade of my work as a mother, parenting coach and speaker. It’s the type of book that you can just pick up and read any page you open to in order to gain inspiration to raising your children in a way that feels true to your heart and soul. This book is designed to encourage you to own yourself and allow your children to own themselves. Quite simply, it is a book that goes against the grain of everything you thought you knew about parenting and takes you on a jaw-dropping journey to say “yes” more often, let go of fear and be more present, instead of abiding by societies standards of focusing on obedience and behaviour modification.  

NLK: What do you hope readers take away from ‘Raising Rebels’?

DM: I hope after reading my book, parents will feel empowered by learning children behave as well as they are treated. I want parents to understand their children deserve more respect and freedom than our culture currently supports. The old paradigm of authoritarian parenting is outdated and damaging and children being born in this new generation feel injustice more potently than past generations through the evolution of human consciousness. Parents need to learn how to raise children born at this time in human history because the outdated model just doesn’t work anymore. There is a better way – a more compassionate, joyful and loving way. ‘Raising Rebels’ gives parents the tools to do just that. 

About Dayna Martin

Dayna Martin is an author, public speaker and parenting coach who has written three books about peaceful parenting and Unschooling. Her latest book, “Raising Rebels: Parenting Advice From the Girl Your Parents Warned You About,” is being released in Jan. 2020 (link to buy). Dayna has been featured on numerous television programs sharing about Radical Unschooling as a philosophy of living with children. Her controversial yet inspirational perspective has gained her notoriety in the field of parenting and she has spoken at parenting conferences and events worldwide, most recently in, Australia, India, and China sharing about the benefits of allowing children more freedom in their lives, through demolishing the authoritarian paradigm and stepping into a more partnership-based approach to parenting. Dayna feels that children are next on the human rights agenda and through this shift in human consciousness we allow children to find their passions and unique gifts that will help them become who they are meant to be in life, as well as model a more peaceful world.   

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