Natalie has left school and everything should be going according to plan; her best friend Zach and Lucy are going to be there for her and they will all go to Melbourne University together. Except on Christmas day, Natalie’s parents tell her they’re getting divorced. Natalie reels from the news.

It sounded Better in My Head by first-time author and long-time bookseller, Nina Kenwood won the 2018 Text Prize. It’s a book about dealing with isolation and how our external appearances can shape our lives.

Natalie’s voice is relatable, honest and lovable. Watching her accidental romance was like watching the best rom-com ever.

This is a perfect book about learning to accept yourself and how to adapt to the curveballs that life can throw at you. Rather than a YA book, I think this is better suited to readers of new adult books. Highly recommended for readers of new adult fiction.

Publisher’s Blurb

When her parents announce their impending separation, Natalie can’t understand why no one is fighting or at least mildly upset. And now that Zach and Lucy, her two best friends, have fallen in love, she’s feeling slightly miffed and decidedly awkward.

Where does she fit in now? And what has happened to the version of her life that played out like a TV show—with just the right amount of banter, pining and meaningful looks?

Nothing is going according to plan.

But then an unexpected romance comes along and shakes things up even further.

It Sounded Better in My Head is a tender, funny and joyful novel about longing, confusion, feeling left out and finding out what really matters.

Thank to Text Publishing for a copy of this book for review purposes.