She laughed again, then went quiet, her heart swelling as she locked her eyes on his. She almost wanted to cry, love ached through her so hard.

‘I’ve never met anyone like you,’ she told him.

Charlie grinned, ‘I’m one in a million.’

‘You are.’ She wasn’t laughing.

Charlie lifted a hand and stroked the back of his fingers down her cheek. ‘Beautiful Beth, the Paterson Downs princess who’s going to be a doctor and cure the Kimberley.’

I loved all three books of the Paterson sisters but I think
‘Love Song’ was my absolute favourite (I read it in one go sitting at the kitchen bench on a Sunday morning).

‘Love Song’ tells the story of Beth, a doctor working in a country town who crosses paths with her old flame, Charlie Campbell. They both harbour fear and resentment towards each other, but they are flung together when a remote Indigenous community comes under threat.

Wasley skilfully weaves her modern love story with Aboriginal culture and contemporary issues. The tensions of race and the push for a mining development make a compelling background set in the Kimberley. The issues of family, land, career and development are all explored in ‘Love Song’ making this story relevant for today.

I thoroughly enjoyed this realistic representation of life in the bush and commend Wasley for including a diverse cast of characters in her story. I believe that it’s extremely important for readers to see positive inclusion of Aboriginal people in contemporary Australian fiction and I hope we see much more of this in the future. ‘Love Song’ is a charming, tender story sure to delight lovers of contemporary Australian fiction. A beautiful story. Bravo, Sasha Wasley 🙂

Many thanks to Penguin Random House for an advance copy of ‘Love Song.’

Publisher’s Blurb:

There was something about Charlie. Something about the way he questioned and teased her, brought her outside of herself … the way he’d made her crash headlong into love just by singing to her.

At age seventeen, Beth Paterson was determined to study medicine at university, despite the heartache of losing her mother. Tutoring Charlie Campbell worked well with her plan – but falling in love with him sure didn’t, and neither did getting her heart broken when he abruptly left town.

Now Charlie is a big star on the alternative rock scene, while Beth is a respected doctor in her hometown. When Charlie comes back to fight for the tiny community where he was raised, neither one of them can ignore the wild attraction they once shared.

Beth swore no man would ever hurt her again – least of all this man. But some love songs can never be forgotten, especially when they were written for you…

From the author of Dear Banjo comes a book to make your heart sing and your spirits soar.