So my MASSIVE news is that my picture book Claire Malone Changes the World will be published by Dixi Books.

When Dixi Books contacted me to express an interest in acquiring Claire Malone Changes the World, I was of course ecstatic.

 I was impressed by their mission, too:

Voice of New Ages

Dixi Books aims to be the voice of new ages. As a specialized book publisher,  we know we have problems. We cannot solve these with our old way of doing things. We cannot meet new tastes in art and literature with old methods.

The world needs brand new novels, creative political discourses, schools that fit the age and ultimately intellectuals who will carry them from A to Z. Therefore a new need arises for creative publishing houses that will represent them.

A picture book means, of course, that there will be pictures created to match the story and I cannot wait to see the illustrations that will express my story in pictures. It’s all so very exciting.

Let me share a little about Claire Malone Changes the World:

Claire Malone Changes the World is a 400-word picture book aimed at children aged 3-7 years.

There is so much Claire Malone wants to change about the world. She writes letters to presidents, mayors and big corporations but no one ever writes back. Until Claire writes to the Prime Minister to tell her about the broken play equipment in her park. Claire Malone Changes The World is an empowering and inspiring story for children but especially for girls. 

Book themes: Empowerment, activism, people power, children’s voices

I am very hopeful that this book will find its audience and be able to share its message that everyone can change their corner of the world. And it’s not just adults who can make changes, kids have people power, too.

I look forward to sharing more about Claire Malone Changes the World as we move closer to publication.

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