When I first wrote ‘Jenna’s Truth‘ I tried unsuccessfully to make contact with Amanda Todd’s mother. In case you don’t know, I wrote ‘Jenna’s Truth’ because I was so affected by Amanda Todd’s Youtube video which she posted about a month before her suicide on 2012.

Late last year, I decided to try to contact Carol Todd again. Carol graciously returned my messages. What could I say to a mother who had lost her daughter? I had no words except ‘I’m sorry’.

Statistically, our teens are still more likely to die from suicide than they are from any other cause. Bullying can be a risk factor. We have a responsibility to our future population. It’s imperative that we keep them safe.

Headspace report that:

Unfortunately, bullying is quite common, with around 1 in 6 Australian school students aged 7 to 17 reporting they have been bullied at least once a week.

What can we do? We can be there for our teens. We can help by noticing if there are changes in behaviour, mood and general wellbeing of our teens. We can keep the lines of communication open. We can talk to our kids. We can listen. We can seek help.

Lifeline tells us that people don’t suicide because they want to die, they suicide because they want their pain to stop.

Carol Todd’s review of ‘Jenna’s Truth‘ means more to me than any other review. But it’s also a timely reminder that there is still so much to do if we are to have an end to youth suicide.

If you are in the middle of a crisis please contact: