More than anything, Rosie wants a puppy. Her dreams come true when her dad arrives home with a blue heeler pup. But Pepsi Parsons isn’t the most well-behaved dog. She’s the kind of dog that gets tangled up in sausages and goes on adventures down the street, at midnight! So it’s no surprise that Rosie’s no-nonsense mum isn’t so sure that Pepsi Parsons is a good addition to the Parsons family.

Sandi Parsons has written an entertaining tale about a young girl who enjoys the peculiarities and escapades that go hand in hand with owning a puppy, but Rosie also takes the task of puppy training very seriously.

The distinctive illustrations by Aska shown throughout the book serve to further bring this early chapter book to life.

“Pepsi The Problem Puppy” is highly recommended for all middle-grade readers. It’s also a great introduction to learning about how to care for a dog.

For more information (including teaching materials), visit the Pepsi Parsons website.