This book deserves the praise it has reaped.

Young girls should be aware…

There is so much more to life

…than being snubbed or bad-mouthed,

and worst of all cyber-bullying by puerile girls.



Love this review by Nancy Elin who had my book flown to France (or somewhere else far, far away) and then proceeded to read it aloud to her cats, sometimes in a snarky voice (what a great image). To find out what else Nancy had to say about Jenna’s Truth, read her review here.


Jenna’s Truth by N.L.King

Jenna’s just a teenager who wants to fit in. The popularity that she wanted though, quickly turns into infamy when two “well-meaning” friends spark a controversy that alters her life forever. What happens when the very group of teens you crave to belong to, end up being responsible for one of the most painful and humiliating events in your life?

Inspired by Amanda Todd’s tragic story of bullying, Jenna’s Truth is more than just teen short story it’s a lesson in empathy, self-awareness, and speaking out about what matters, especially bullying. Jenna’s Truth written by Nadia L King is a gripping story, which explores the themes of cyberbullying, teen drinking, sex, and suicide. Life isn’t black and white, and sometimes teens can be the most insensitive people.

New and revised edition from Serenity Press.

ISBN: 978-0-6482127-6-8



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