Starry Eyes is an insanely good read. It’s the kind of book you start reading on a Saturday morning and by the afternoon you’ve finished it, and you’re pissed that you read it too fast.

It was my first Jenn Bennett read and darn it, I have to find more of her books and fast!

Starry Eyes sucked me in slowly. Take Zorie, she’s a planner; she doesn’t like surprises, and she likes everything to go to plan. She loves stars (the constellation kind, not the Hollywood kind), and her step-mother, Joy.

Zorie has awful taste in friends. Case in point: her rich, spoilt friend, Reagan and the total dufus (and very popular) Brett.

To be honest, I was a bit worried about Zorie. She was easily led astray, totally incapable of dealing with conflict, and a tad gutless.

But I grew to love Zorie and the idea of hiking–y’know, waterfalls, sequoia forests, camp fires, the disconnect, and the pure breathtaking beauty of nature. Let me share this awesome waterfall quote:

‘Waterfalls. Two of them. Not the small, tranquil cascade of Mackenzie Falls. If that was a roar, this is God herself speaking. And she is fierce.’

By part two, Bennett had me in the palm of her hand. I was hooked; hooked on hiking, star-gazing, and a hunk called Lennon.

There’s plenty to love about Starry Eyes: a girl coming to terms with an imperfect life, and plans that go astray:

‘Planning can’t save you from everything. Change is inevitable and uncertainty is a given. And if you plan so much that you can’t function without one, life’s no fun. All the calendars, journals, and lists in the world won’t save you when the sky falls. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve been using planning less as a coping mechanism and more as an excuse to avoid anything I couldn’t control.’

Zorie is a girl admitting what she wants, and finally getting the guts to go after it. She’s a girl who adores her mom, but not in a you make me want to puke way, more in a shoot, I want Joy for my mom kind of way.

So my verdict: if you can get your paws on Starry Eyes, read it. I dare you not to get hooked.


Ever since last year’s homecoming dance, best-friends-turned-worst-enemies Zorie and Lennon have made an art of avoiding each other. It doesn’t hurt that their families are the modern-day version of the Montagues and Capulets. But when a group camping trip goes south, Zorie and Lennon find themselves stranded in the wilderness. Alone. Together.

Zorie and Lennon have no choice but to try to make their way to safety. But as the two travel deeper into the rugged Californian countryside, secrets and hidden feelings surface. Soon it’s not simply a matter of enduring each other’s company, but taming their growing feelings for each other.

PS: I can’t believe how hard I fell for this book, and how lucky I was to be a part of the Starry Eyes book blog tour.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Australia for including me on the tour and for giving me a copy of Starry Eyes which I won’t be parting with, anytime soon.


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Jenn Bennett is an award-winning author of young adult contemporary romance books, including: Alex, Approximately; Night Owls; and Starry Eyes. She also writes romance and urban fantasy for adults. Her books have garnered multiple starred reviews, won the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA®Award, and been included on Publishers Weekly Best Books annual list. She lives near Atlanta with one husband and two dogs.


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