Sasha Wesley’s love of the land and country living comes shining through in her latest book, True Blue.

Readers were introduced to the Paterson Family, in Dear Banjo, the first book of the Paterson Sister’s series. True Blue is the story of the youngest Paterson sister, Freya. Freya ‘Free’ returns to the Kimberley for a teaching residency. With the chance to be close to her family, and to help local high school students produce a lasting piece of public art for Mount Clair, Free feels as if she has finally landed on her feet.

When she meets a hunky policeman who conveniently lives next door, and she makes a stand to save her beloved Herne River from government-sanctioned corporate sabotage, what could possibly go wrong?

Wasley has given readers a compelling love story with plenty of hiccups along the way. True Blue is a story of discovery. Free discovers she isn’t a flaky, ditzy twenty-something flitting around aimlessly but an artist passionate about life, love, and the land.

Family, home, creativity, and integrity have starring roles in this novel that is filled with heart.

True Blue is a gorgeous love story. It’s tender-hearted and passionate just like Free, and will charm and delight lovers of rural romance. A guaranteed feel-good read.



Love is random. Accidental. You just live your life and then one day it’ll hit you with the right person.

Wandering soul Freya ‘Free’ Paterson has finally come back home. Idealistic and trusting, she’s landed the job of her dreams working on an art project with the local school, but she hadn’t planned on meeting the man of her dreams as well.

With his irresistible Irish accent, Constable Finn Kelly is everything Free wants – genuine, kind . . . and handsome as hell. He’s also everything Free isn’t – stable and dependable. Yet despite the passion simmering between them, he just wants to be friends. What is he trying to hide?

As Free throws herself into the challenges of her new job, fending off the unwelcome advances of a colleague and helping to save her beloved Herne River, Finn won’t stay out of her way, or out of her heart.

But just when she needs him the most, will Finn reveal his true colours?


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About Sasha Wasley

Sasha Wasley was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia.

She has completed a PhD in cultural theory and loves nature, Jane Austen and puns.

Sasha is a farming wannabe, with a passion for animals and the land. Although she’s in her forties now, she still wants a pony.

Her debut novel, a young adult paranormal, was published in 2014. Today, she lives and writes in the Swan Valley wine region with her partner and two daughters, surrounded by dogs, cats and chickens.

Sasha writes mystery, paranormal and young adult novels as S.D. Wasley.


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Many thanks to Penguin Random House for my copy of Dear Banjo.