Reviews are important for authors – they help spread the word to other readers and encourage interest in your book. So I was very was pleased to come across these reviews for the second edition of Jenna’s Truth.

A review from the author, Elizabeth Foster on Goodreads who said she thought the book was amazing:
“The serious problems of cyberbullying in Australia and elsewhere make the issues examined in Jenna’s Truth both real and relevant. After a powerful prologue, the author paints Jenna’s world in quick strokes. I found Jenna to be both authentic and relatable and just like any other teen who longs to be in the cool group. The line illustrations and quotes scattered throughout show her confusion and self-doubt.

“My heart hammered in my chest. A part of me told me to walk away… go back to being an outcast and a loser.”

This is a story sure to be very relatable to teens. The straightforward narration style reminded me of Risk by Fleur Ferris and the peer group brought to mind the toxic one in Puberty Blues.

Recommended for teens, parents and teachers.”

A review from Veronica on Goodreads :

Jenna’s Truth was inspired by the tragic and needless death of Amanda Todd and echoes her fears and worries.
N.L. King writes a confronting and timely story of cyberbullying and its ramifications.

Teenagers make mistakes; they are learning how they fit in an adult world. Some mistakes are more catastrophic than others. Some may handle this and move on; whilst others will be reminded through caustic bullying day in, day out until it becomes all that they are. That one mistake!

This is a short story however one that needs to be read by parents and teens alike. Actions have consequences and criminal charges can ensue and that is what teenagers, both the bullies and the victims, need to learn.

The book ends with additional teaching suggestions, questions, discussion points and a creative writing task.

I would love to see this book on every Year 8, Year 9 & Year 10 (Australian school years for ages 14 to 16 years) curriculum.


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