Late last year, I was privileged to spend a week as writer-in-residence at Darling Range Sport College in the foothills of Perth. I ran workshops on writing and gave presentations about what it’s like to be a writer, but what I enjoyed most was meeting the students. Most mornings, I was greeted by a cheery hello as I walked past groups of students. They were a bright and lively group of kids who taught me to trust that words have the power to touch lives if only for a moment. In this post, I bring you a selection of my favourite haikus from the students of Darling Range Sports College.



Your expression changed

In just mere seconds no less.

It still frightens me.

Darcy H



All report to the bus bay!

The teacher ate Ted.



She hands it to me.

A hidden surprise, wrapped up,

Brown paper and words.

Tarleigh T 9.1


I like big soft dogs.

I think dogs are amazing,

But I bought a cat.

Elli C

He kept on falling,

But then he picked himself up

My little baby brother

Natalie J 7.06


The girl got bullied

And abused and jumped free

Without a second thought.

Taylah K 7.6


Flames and smoke arise

At a small house in the night.

Help comes, I’m grateful.

Lily S Yr 8


Blood over his face,

Red tears fell into his mouth.

Strawberries taste nice.

Bailey D 10.1


Fear, death, confusion.

Bang! The safety switch failed.

The water sprayed.

Tibbles, 10.1


In terror I fall

Caught by the dark hidden rails.

The ride has ended.

Destiny M


The screeching bell rings.

Sweaty palms, worried faces.

Let the exam begin.

Megan H


Rising from the void

Plants growing through the bleakness.

From great death comes life.

Elijah W


I hear the echoes

of the footsteps of the men.

I take my last breath.

Eva S


He ran to the hills.

He hid under the branches.

They found feathers there.



A little bit about haiku:

  • Originated in Japan
  • Developed mid-1600s
  • Commonly a personal reaction to an everyday occurrence
  • Many themes include nature, feelings, experiences
  • Reveals unsuspected significance in detail of nature or human life
  • Usually uses simple words and grammar