‘My heart is in that book’ – what WA author, Julia Lawrinson tweeted about her latest YA novel, ‘Before You Forget’.

I don’t often read a book in one or two sittings, but I couldn’t put ‘Before You Forget’ down once I started. The conversational and intimate tone of the book made sure I kept reading which wasn’t particularly convenient as I started the book when showing visiting relatives around Rottnest Island. Also, sobbing quietly in a corner of the ferry was also probably not my finest moment.

Amelia is in her final year of high school when her world begins to disintegrate. Her dad is becoming stranger than usual and has taken to forgetting things (not just where his keys are)-but important things. Amelia’s best friend is becoming more and more distant and to top it off, Amelia struggles with her favourite subject (Art) and the fact that her art teacher isn’t keen on any of her projects.

Lawrinson has written a sensitive and painfully honest account of life with early onset dementia. ‘Before You Forget’ is a coming-of-age story capturing the awkwardness of teen life and the changing nature of family and friendship. Themes of mental health and peer pressure add to the real but never dark tone of this book.

Beautifully and humorously told, ‘Before You Forget’ is a wonderful example of YA fiction tackling the very real challenges and everyday life of teens. Bravo, Julia Lawrinson.


From the Publisher:

At times funny, at times heartbreaking, this is an ultimately uplifting story about the delicate fabric of family and friendship, and the painful realisation that not everything can remain the same forever.

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