Much of my writing is concerned with loss and hope. Like many writers, I write to forge a human connection–I try to move the reader.

My latest short story, The Peka Peka Expressway and Other Routes to Progress was written last year while on holiday in New Zealand. At the time, a new super highway was being constructed and everything the highway represented seemed to be counter-intuitive. Rather than progress it felt like a slap in the face.

The new highway germinated a story. A story of loss. And yet while on this same holiday I had the uplifting experience of seeing an orca frolic in the waves in the Pacific Ocean. The story of loss became one of hope.

Call it coincidence or serendipity–back in New Zealand almost a year later, I received an email to say Sunlight Press was interested in publishing the story.

So here it is…A story of loss and hope. A story of a super highway and a whale and a woman. A story to move you. A story from which to forge a human connection. From me to you.

My thanks to Sunlight Press for bringing this story to the world.


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10% of the profits from this story will be donated to the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.



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10% of the profits from this short story will be donated to the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation.



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Featured photo by Rudri Bhatt Patel