Utterly electrifying…


The Undercurrent is the kind of book where you want to tell everyone to go away so you can sit in peace and read which is exactly what I did.

Paula Weston has created a well-thought out and believable future. Eighteen-year-old Julianne De Marchi lost her father during the Afghanistan War. His loss has all but destroyed her family. He was the one person who understood Julianne’s difference–a genetic anomaly which gives Julianne excess electrical energy. She’s a spark waiting to be lit and Julianne struggles to contain the undercurrent. When she comes under corporate scrutiny Julianne meets Ryan Walsh. What she doesn’t know is that Ryan is a professional soldier and his job is to keep her under surveillance.

Weston has written a high-voltage story full of explosive action and a zing of romance. The Undercurrent is a fast-paced, thrilling, futuristic action-packed YA novel that will have you zapped to your seat.

Terrific speculative fiction for YA readers.


Publisher’s Blurb

Eighteen-year-old Julianne De Marchi is different. As in: she has an electrical undercurrent beneath her skin that stings and surges like a live wire. She can use it—to spark a fire, maybe even end a life—but she doesn’t understand what it is. And she can barely control it, especially when she’s anxious.

Ryan Walsh was on track for a stellar football career when his knee blew out. Now he’s a soldier—part of an experimental privatised military unit that has identified Jules De Marchi as a threat. Is it because of the weird undercurrent she’s tried so hard to hide? Or because of her mother Angie’s history as an activist against bio-engineering and big business?

It’s no coincidence that Ryan and Jules are in the same place at the same time—he’s under orders to follow her, after all. But then an explosive attack on a city building by an unknown enemy throws them together in the most violent and unexpected way.

Paula Weston, author of the much-admired Rephaim series, returns with a standalone work: a futuristic thriller that is only slightly futuristic—but utterly and undeniably thrilling. Great writing, heart-burning characters, probing questions about where technology is taking us—and a plot that zips and zings like an electrical current itself. This is a great young-adult writerat the peak of her powers.


Many thanks to Text Publishing for a copy of The Undercurrent.