It’s just over a week until Mother’s Day in Australia and New Zealand, so I thought I’d help you out with some gift ideas for your mum.

If your mum suffers from allergies, you’d best give flowers a miss. They don’t last long anyway and I always feel bad being responsible for ending a flower’s life. Many women watch their waistlines carefully, so I recommend avoiding boring, fattening boxes of obligatory chocolates as a gift choice.

Don’t panic, I’ve got five rather brilliant gift ideas and I’m sure there will be one to suit the woman who brought you into the world. No pressure people!

With no further ado, here are my five top picks for Mother’s Day guaranteed to put a smile on your old mum’s dial:

Lechateau.jpgLe Chateau by Sarah Ridout

This luscious read from Sarah Ridout has mystery, suspense and romance all rolled into the beautiful setting of rural France. I read this book super fast and if your mum enjoys mystery, women’s lit, contemporary fiction, or romance, I guarantee she will love Le Chateau.



A Little Bite of Happiness by V.P. Colombo

A Little Bite of Happiness is a clever little book self-published by Parisian pastry chef, V.P. Colombo. Virginie lives in Sydney and has combined gorgeous short fiction with her favourite recipes. What could be better than authentic French recipes with sensual short stories?



Her Mother’s Secret by Natasha Lester

Her Mother’s Secret is the latest offering from Perth’s very own Natasha Lester. If your mum uses make-up this could well be the book for her. Her Mother’s Secret traces the beginnings of the cosmetics industry with a sweeping love story and a strong, ambitious female character bucking society’s disapproval. Liz Byrski promises Her Mother’s Secret will have your mum captivated.



Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett

Favel Parret treats readers to exquisite writing in her book, Past the Shallows set on the remote south coast of Tasmania. Past the Shallows tells the story of three boys who struggle through life with their alcoholic father. Parrett tells a heartbreakingly beautiful story that is wonderfully lyrical. A masterpiece of a novel which I’m sure your mum will add to her list of best books ever.



The Birdman’s Wife by Melissa Ashley

Your mum has definitely seen this book around since its release last year. The Birdman’s Wife is the debut book from talented Brisbane author, Melissa Ashley and has taken the Australian literary scene by storm. The book is lavishly presented, seriously, the end papers are wondrous. Ashley meticulously researched the story of Elizabeth Gould (a prolific illustrator of birds in the 1800s) and gave her the recognition that she so duly deserved. A thought-provoking and wonderfully written book. Bird lovers especially will delight in this book.

I sincerely hope you will find a book for your mum from my suggested titles. All of these books were written by talented Australian women writers so when you buy their books you’re also supporting Australia’s writers. Oh, and if you’re a mum, Happy Mother’s Day!