Ballad for a Mad Girl by Vikki Wakefield is about the living, the dead, the long journey of grief, and what happens when the lines between them blur. It’s about knowing that’s real and what’s not, and knowing the difference between what’s in your mind and the supernatural shadows lurking in the corners of your room.

Seventeen-year-old Grace Foley, lives in the rural town of Swanston. She grieves for the loss of her mother and has forgotten how to fit in with her friends. Grace loves pranking but one night a crazy prank goes horribly wrong and Grace is left facing a new reality – one where the edge of reason is a slippery slope.

I found this book to be a deliciously creepy and disturbing read. Don’t read into the early hours of the morning when every creak and moan of your house makes you jump. It would be infinitely better to read this with all the lights on.

Wakefield has done a brilliant job of drawing the reader into Grace’s world. Once the story takes hold, it’s a spooky, gripping rollercoaster ride.

Highly recommended for all lovers of YA fiction.

Ballad for a Mad Girl is by Australian author, Vikki Wakefield and will be available from 29 May 2017.

Many thanks to Text Publishing for a copy of this riveting read.