Initially it was the cover of this book that first caught my eye, but then I found myself compelled to read it after feeling disturbed by the blurb. It is a short YA book (6,000 words), aimed at 15-16 year olds. Whilst my children are not yet in this age bracket, they have access to phones and laptops, and one of them has begun high school. This book’s subject matter is starting to bleep on our radar!

Like most middle-aged parents, I am navigating a technological world very different to the one I grew up in. Sure, we were were exposed to bullies, peer pressure and alcohol (my first drink was during a high school sleepover where we climbed out the window and scarpered to a neighbour’s house), but ‘cyberbullying’ wasn’t a thing back then. We weren’t at risk of having our mistakes splashed across social media to the amusement of everyone else. Digital footprint? Not in my day…

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