I’m not sure if I devoured Black or if it was the other way around and Black devoured me.

This intense thriller from Australian author, Fleur Ferris, hits the YA market right between the eyes with fabulous feels and an enthralling story line.

Ebony Marshall is in her final year at high school in a small Victorian country town. She’s known by the name Black which sounds like a pretty cool nickname but it’s also a sign she’s cursed. The trouble is Black’s friends keep dying.

When Black goes on a date with hunky newcomer Oscar, maybe life is starting to look up. But when Oscar ends up being airlifted to hospital with a serious head injury, Black starts to question herself. Could the town’s creepy Father Ratchet be right, will everyone Black gets close to, end up dead?

This book was gripping, creepy, and intense, and it kept me awake. It’s the kind of book I couldn’t put down. I had to know all the answers and Ferris satisfied all my curiosity by the time I reached the end.

Black Marshall is a strong character. She’s determined to make the most of life despite the small town prejudice she faces, and she’s resilient, intelligent and tough. She’s the perfect role model for female teens today.

This quick read had me captivated from the start. Highly recommended for lovers of YA fiction. Now excuse me while I get back to Ferris’ debut novel, Risk.

Publisher’s blurb:

Ebony Marshall is in her final year of high school. Five months, two weeks and four days . . She can’t wait to leave the town where she’s known only as ‘Black’. Because of her name, of course. But for another reason, too.

Everyone says Black Marshall is cursed.

Three of her best friends have died in tragic accidents. After Oscar, the whispers started. Now she’s used to being on her own. It’s easier that way.

But when her date for the formal ends up in intensive care, something in quiet little Dainsfield starts to stir. Old secrets are revealed and terrifying new dangers emerge.

If only Black could put all the pieces together, she could work out who her real enemies are. Should she run for her life, or stay and fight?


NB: I purchased my own copy of Black.

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