Earlier this year, my baby brother turned 40! Eek! I must be getting old. Anyways, moving right along. So my brother is a firefighter, and I’m really proud that he saves people’s lives every day.

I wanted to do something extra special for his 40th birthday. I wanted to give him something to remember and show him how much he means to me. Crazy thought, right? It doesn’t seem that long ago we were fighting over cleaning the dishes after dinner.

I decided to write my brother a story. It’s called Dinner’s Ready and it’s based on a real life incident my brother attended.

I’m sharing my brother’s present with you!

Dinner’s Ready is included in the fourth collection of Shorts published by The Draft Collective. Although The Draft Collective spans two continents, it’s a perfect fit because the publication is based in New South Wales and my brother works for the NSW Fire Brigade.

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Oh, and did I mention the story has an extremely strange twist?

Happy reading,