I gotta warn you I’m biased. I’ve read every single one of Sylvain Reynard’s books and I’ve loved them all! The Roman was no exception, although to be honest, I was a bit ‘iffy’ about reading the Florentine Series as paranormal is not my usual read nor my favourite genre.

But because Reynard had written the series I thought I would read The Prince at least. I wasn’t disappointed and have been desperately waiting for The Roman to be released – the final instalment in the Florentine Series. 

The series comes to its gripping conclusion – Raven, William, and the Florentine vampyres face certain destruction. At the centre of this story lies William of York. (I thought there could never be a hero as appealing as Professor Gabriel Emerson but William has surely stolen my heart.) William faces the challenge of saving the woman he loves or his principality. 

The Roman is guaranteed to have you gripping the edge of your seat. It is a fast-paced, thrilling, emotional roller coaster which will wring out your heart time and time again.

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