‘I don’t believe my vagina is .’

I heard this phrase on my car-radio and my ears pricked up. Now there’s something you should know, this is not the kind of phrase one hears on ABC Radio National. This is the country’s national broadcaster, not some commercial station where announcers say shocking things for a laugh or to boost ratings.

Once safely ensconced in front of my laptop, I googled obscene – Tokyo – vagina. My browsing window was soon flooded with information.

Japanese artist, Megumi Iagarashi, who goes by the name Rokudenashiko (good-for-nothing or bad girl) was recently found guilty of distributing obscene material by the Tokyo District Court. The obscene materials were images of Iagarashi’s vagina.

I started mulling about the word vagina and how some people flinch if you say if out loud. That particular train of thought led to consideration of the ‘P’ word; y’know penis.

At some point in my adult life, I became comfortable with using these words. Okay, maybe not so much penis, but I’m definitely fine with vagina, vulva, nipple, and testicles. Clitoris, scrotum, shaft, they’re all fine too.

I’m not sure when I became comfortable with such terminology, but I’m pretty sure such words would have made me squirm in my teens. Perhaps after a certain amount of hospital visits, annual pap smears, pregnancies, and breast-feeding in public, all these experiences just make one matter of fact about such words. Although I have admitted to my ears pricking up in response to the news report about Rokudenashiko; so perhaps I’m not as matter of fact as I would like to be.

All this talk about vaginas and penises led me to ruminate over my own writing. A quick flick through my short stories and I found plenty of references to gelatinous puddles, climaxes, lubricant, post-coital cigarettes, fervent love-making, blue balls, boners, cum, and even fallopian tubes and gynaecologist, but not a vagina in sight. Now is the moment, and so I make this pledge – there will definitely be a vaginal appearance in one of my short stories soon. It is time, that I like Japan, embrace the vagina.