‘Blackbird Summer’ is a wonderful read from Em Shotwell. It’s a highly engaging fantasy novel set in the rural South of Mississippi. Shotwell weaves a tale of love, murder and supernatural gifts. 

Tallulah Caibre is a twenty-one year old who lives on the outskirts of Brooklyn. Tallulah has a gift which sets her apart from other girls her age. The rest of Tallulah’s family is different too and in Mississippi that’s a bad thing. With difference, comes a life mapped and planned out by the family. But what happens if Tallulah doesn’t want to go along with the family plan anymore? What happens if Tallulah meets someone not like them? What happens if there are more secrets than Tallulah has bargained for, and there is someone with a vendetta against the family who is prepared to make them pay for their difference?

‘Blackbird Summer’ is an emotionally engaging fantasy novel with a sprinkling of forbidden love. 

I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this novel from Em Shotwell. Thanks to City Owl Press for a copy of ‘Blackbird Summer’ in exchange for an honest review.


Photograph courtesy of Em Shotwell.