Tess Evans’ latest novel Mercy Street is a tender and delightful read.

In the middle of being mugged on the way back from the shops, George Johnson is rescued by Angie, a young unemployed single mother of five-year old Rory.

George feels he owes Angie for saving his life so he lets Angie and Rory move in and finds he isn’t lonely anymore. Although he is fed up with his annoying house guests. For Angie ‘the world seems to be a good place when you’re sleeping between clean sheets in a situation that has magically stabilised.’

Life changes dramatically when Angie takes off leaving George to become a single parent at a time when he should be worrying about his garden and pension and not getting mugged again.

George the widower becomes ‘Poppy George’, reading mum and a single parent to Rory and his ‘…life is full of riches.’

Mercy Street is an exploration of  accidental family and friendship. It is a life-affirming story of what it means to love a child and the transformative power of love.

To be released 1 April 2016 this will be a delightful read for the Easter holidays.

Thank you to Harper Collins for providing a copy of Mercy Street in exchange for an honest review.