Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to date in LA? How it feels to date a down and out Englishman or a man who wants you but doesn’t want to sleep with you in Vegas?

Actually Love Sick isn’t just another book about dating and pitfalls to avoid. Love Sick is Cory Martin’s journey. Her journey through a part of life that takes in a diagnosis of MS, an acceptance of life, and what it means to find love.

Cory’s funny and honest account of dealing with doctors and medical testing had me laughing out loud – a lot. I now know never to wear a thong to medical appointments, not to flirt (too much) with hot doctors and to take a friend (or better yet your mum) to important medical exams.

Cory has taught me that sometimes you shit your pants because that’s part of life and ‘living’ is the most important thing you can do.

I particularly love this scene from the book:

I turn away, allowing Derek to have a full view of my backside. Thank God I tied that gown tight. I sigh a sigh of relief, but gasp when I feel Derek untie the ties. My entire gown falls open for all the world to see.

My blue thong hangs in the breeze of the air-conditioned room, and my white ass glistens under the fluorescent lights. Why did I eat that Del Taco last night? The cheese has probably already curdled up beneath the skin of my left butt cheek and Derek is now staring at it in this bright light.

For a moment, Derek and I stop talking. Actually, I stop. Any flirting, real or imagined, ceases to exist. Now I am just another white butt, who’s swollen and bloated from too much Del Taco and her period. And, oh my God, I hope my tampon string is not hanging out my too-big thong.

To be honest, I don’t usually read books of personal journeys with illness and disease. I find them too harrowing. But Love Sick is an unusually funny book about a young woman who’s looking for love in all the wrong places and just happens to have MS.

If you want to laugh out loud on the train, or you fancy spending time with a girl and her quirky insights into life, you have to get your hands on Love Sick.

Love Sick will be released on February 9. Contact Write Out Publishing for more information.

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(Cory Martin – photo courtesy of Write Out Publishing)

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