So my first short story has been published in the US and I can’t help asking myself, what next?

I’ve been writing every day. Most days I write for a couple of hours before my family wakes. I write little stories, paint pictures into worlds with phrases and sentences. Words are picked over, discarded and finally chosen.

I’ve entered a few Australian short story competitions and cross everything, with beginners luck, maybe I’ll be shortlisted for one, or dare I hope for more? My stories have been submitted to literary magazines and I try to sit tight and not chew on my nails too often.

But the most overwhelming question in my mind – what if Disappointment was the only thing I’ve written or will ever write, that will make it? This is the thought that disturbs my nightly sleep.

I believe such worries plague all creatives. Are we good enough? Is what we do of any worth? Will this next piece be bought and sold? What if, (and I say this with all of my heart in my mouth) what if none of this is any good?

Creating anything is a giving of oneself to the world. Your innermost thoughts are shared, offered up in an effort to impact another’s life if only momentarily. Can my short stories transport you to another world that resides in my head? Can I give you another world to peek into? These are small offerings; something to read while you sip your morning coffee or as you lean against the train door on your way into the city. Can I show you another life?

These offerings of mine are my way to connect with the world. It is the way I hope to impact the world. I write every day in the belief my life will make a difference. I know of no other way. Writing is what I do. I love words.

If I don’t write I feel out of kilter. I am woken in the morning by phrases and sentences chasing each other in my mind. I know I have to get them down. And so I write for my own sanity and for the delight words give me. I write to connect with whoever has chosen to read what I write.

I will keep on writing. Keep on sending out my shorts. My little offerings to the world and hopefully soon, God willing, there will be another Disappointment soon.