ana urban walkabout

Ana Castro is a Spanish architect who now calls Perth home. Ana recently set up her own freelance fashion illustration business In A Takeaway Cup and I was taken with her fabulous designs on the covers of Perth’s Urban Walkabout Guides. I caught up with Ana to find out more behind these fetching designs.

Since you were a girl you have had an interest in drawing. What did you think you would grow up to be?

Since childhood I have been passionate about drawing. Fashion came later when I hit my teens. To tell the truth, I did not imagine myself as a fashion designer or a painter nor even as an architect. I rather wanted to be a veterinarian instead. I drove my mum crazy with the insects or birds I found and brought home.

Tell us about your family. 

I am the second in a family of three girls. My poor dad had to deal with four women at home. We are a close family and I miss my long chats with my sisters. We all (except my dad) share our love of fashion. My mum was our reference of style. I even have some of her  dresses from when she was my age and I love wearing them.

You came to Perth in 2010, what was the drawcard, why did you come and how did you choose Perth? 

The English language has always been my biggest obstacle and without it, my freedom and opportunities to travel, know other cultures and work abroad were limited. When my partner (also an architect) and I saw the financial crisis coming, we decided it was our moment to jump and live elsewhere. After a long search, we decided Australia fitted our lifestyle. Perth is the perfect city because of its serenity and relaxing environment. We came here with 6 month student-visas and without work. We are now Australian citizens, live in our own home, and have our very own greyhound. I smile when I think what we have achieved in such a short period.

What do you best enjoy about Perth life? 

My walks along the Swan River with “flaco Joe”. If I ever leave Perth one day it will be the river I miss the most.

Is Perth home now?

Yes it is. I feel lucky to say I have two homes now.

I know you love coffee, what is your favourite café in Perth?

It is too difficult to name one! To me a cafe is the place you enjoy time for yourself or with friends. So any quiet place with good music and great views is good to me. The coffee is always great in Perth!

 You studied architecture at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and have worked as an architect for 10 years, what has architecture taught you? 

Architecture has taught me to be constant, and patient and to take time to observe. It has taught me to be resilient and to try again and again…It has taught me a lot about myself.

What strikes you as different living in Australia compared to living in Spain? 

The shopping hours and dinner time. I still struggle to have dinner before 9pm.

The question all Australians are interested in, do you like Vegemite? 

Ha ha! I’m not a big fan although there is always a jar in the fridge.

What projects are you currently working on?

I’m working on a couple of commissioned works at the moment. One of them is a big 4x7m design for a store window. I can’t wait to see it on display.

What work are you most proud of?

I felt overwhelmed when I was chosen for as a local artist for Perth’s UrbanWalkabout Guides. It was my first commissioned work for my illustrations and my first opportunity to start in the business. I cannot thank them enough.

What do you want to do with your work?

I started “In a Takeaway Cup” Illustrations two years ago and I have enjoyed every new work since then. This is what I want to do. It is difficult and maybe just a dream, but I would love one day to make a living as a fashion illustrator. As I said before, I have learnt to be constant and to never give up and to try again and again and again…so who knows, maybe one day…

Contact Ana on Facebook or follow her on Instagram @inatakeawaycup