Sometimes I pinch myself. Social media has expanded my life in so many ways. Every day I have a three-way conversation with two fellow writers; each of us living in a different time zone. One is on the other side of this vast island continent on which I live and the other is on the other side of the planet. But still every day, there is this light banter between the three of us and support for each other for what we do; placing words on a page and praying it all makes sense to somebody else out there.

I’ve made less personal and more professional connections too. Tomorrow I have a Skype meeting with a social media coach who is helping me with my professional LinkedIn image and today I’m sitting here about to tell you about a publishing company. Oh, this isn’t just any publishing company and there’s a story in how we met…

It goes like this. I live in Perth, a fairly innocuous city in Australia. It’s a great place to live if you like black swans, independent coffee shops and the beach (I’ve ticked yes to those three) and Write Out Publishing is based in Venice, California. It’s an independent press founded by writer and certified yoga instructor, Cory Martin.

We met on Instagram. I like the two word writing challenges Write Out spits out every week. Heck, I love words, a word challenge is my idea of fun! Then Write Out Publishing officially launched on Tuesday, November 3rd, with the sale of a short story.

Who launches with a short story? I was intrigued.

‘We launched with a short story because there used to be a time where short fiction was king. Where great writers like Fitzgerald and Hemingway made livings off short stories. Where their tales led to novels that led to movies that led to lives of grandeur.’

This isn’t one of those publishing companies where you don’t get a chance to even knock on the door, this company is about stripping down barriers and I am all for stripping down barriers. Sheesh, my novel is about an Aboriginal girl with a horrible background who works as a classical cellist and doesn’t believe in love. I get stripping down barriers and that’s what excites me about Write Out Publishing.

‘We believe in the power of words, that the world is full of stories waiting to be told. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to tell their tale. That’s why the stories we choose to publish come from writers with varied writing experience and backgrounds and their subjects are varied.’

‘We believe in our authors, that they have the ability to write out the world’s maladies by making you laugh or cry or do something bold. We believe in the energy of ink on paper, the electricity of eyes reading paragraph upon paragraph. We believe in giving back. We believe that no one writes in a bubble and we are all in this together. We believe that with determination and the collaboration of our writers and readers that Write Out Publishing can make a difference one story at a time.’

I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with a company’s mission statement. But I love this mission statement. So writers out there, pick up your pencils people! It’s time to hone the craft of the short story. And readers, my goodness, how good is this…. You can fit reading a short story into your chaotic, crazy lives. You can read while standing up on the bus on the way to work, in the line at the bank or waiting in kiss and drive for your children to emerge. It’s all there people, words for the taking, and Write Out Publishing is going to help us get there.



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