Emina Gaspar-Vrana is a lawyer from Stockholm in Sweden. She is beautiful, talented and clever.  Here is our interview:


Who are you?

I’m a lawyer by day and a poet/photographer by night. I also enjoy cooking, dancing, playing basketball and horseback riding.

How long have you been writing and what drew you to poetry?
I have been writing all my life. The ink never judges me, but comforts me. I only started writing poetry a few months ago.
I think poetry is being brave enough to confess while knowing no one will save you. It’s an intimate look into people’s hearts and I think sharing your stories with the world is the most liberating thing in the world. Who needs a shrink when you have a pen?
What’s it like to be a poet in this crazy, messed up world of ours?
Unfortunately nowadays, poetry is an dying art form; very few make it as “professional poets”. But I think now is the ultimate time to be a poet, considering all the madness in the world which evokes strong emotions.
Who is your muse?
Life in general is my muse. But nothing inspires me like falling in love, falling apart or being in love while love falls apart. A poet’s life is a constant battle between life and death; either the words run dry and leave you in a drought, or they crash into you like waves and you are left gasping for air – and I do not know which is worse but I do know I’m addicted.
Can you share one of your poems with us?
“ruin me” is raw and honest and dedicated to everyone who has ever loved me.
“I know it is tiresome, my love;
swinging your sledgehammer at my facade,
only to get a glimpse of what is inside
through the cracks,
I was not always like this, you know –
they made me this way –
no one ever cared enough about my insides
to keep swinging,
so please do not stop –
I want you to ruin me”
Do you have a message for other poets?
To everyone who has been blessed with the gift of words – don’t you dare bite your tongue when you have the ability to save the world.
I believe people crave poetry for the comfort of knowing they aren’t crazy. Words can bring comfort to people’s hearts and ease their minds, so they can know they are not alone.
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